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A 24-year-old man in Alberta, Canada changed the gender listed on his birth certificate from ‘male’ to ‘female’ in order to save nearly $1,100 on his car insurance. Now that he is, legally, a woman, h.

(FOX NEWS) — A Canadian man legally changed his gender to female so he.

Oct 12, 2017. Women with perfect driving records often pay significantly more for auto insurance than men with identical driving records.

According to Canadian government, David is now a woman and qualifies for.

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Cheap car insurance for women was traditionally easier to find than it was for men – learn why and how the new EU gender ruling will impact premiums.

It's a well-known fact that men pay more for auto insurance on average than women do, especially when they are under 25. Although a safe driving history is the.

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A Canadian man legally changed his gender to female so he could take advantage of better car insurance rates offered to women and save up nearly $1,100 Canadian Dollars, a report said. A man, identifi.

While far from being a Dickless Tracy, his dangling bits supposedly still intact, a.

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A Canadian man lied to a doctor to change the gender on his birth certificate —.

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Jul 27, 2018. 'I am now a woman': Man changes birth certificate to save on car. asked the insurance agent what coverage would cost if he were a woman.

Of course, some men and women will defy stereotypes, but in the insurance industry, majority rules, and men find themselves paying more for car insurance.

In the lexicon of insurance slogans, there’s one that goes, "I just saved a bunch of.

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A clever Cannuck took advantage of the insanity of the left’s gender nonconformity beliefs to save a bundle on car.

Record checks showed there was no insurance and police smelled pungent cannabis. A search of the car discovered the cannabis and also a larger amount.

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Aug 8, 2009. Yes says Ali Steed, editor of the personal finance website for women We all know the jokes about women drivers, but it.

‘The broker comes back with a quote of $3423. Holy f***.’ Both in Canada and the US, male drivers under the age of 25 are normally required to pay more for car insurance than women because they are st.

Many consumers simply take out car insurance without questioning what the true value of their car is. This can result in a consumer either over insuring their car and therefore paying too much or find.

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‘I didn’t feel like getting screwed over anymore’ – man legally changes sex for.

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Almost one in three people admit to leaving their car unlocked on a regular basis, new research by insurance company Allianz. valuable items in plain sight in an.

One Virginia woman wants to hurry that process along. having a full warranty.

CANADA (CBS Local) – A man in Canada has found an inventive way to cut his.

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A man in Alberta, Canada wanted to buy a new car. He wanted a Chevrolet Cruze.

About Cheap Car Insurance for Women : Car InsuranceWhen he was given a quote of some $4,500 per year for car insurance for a.

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